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Breaking news! 

So, Core is headed off to Calcutta, on the 4th of October 2014, to play two shows - in one evening! Yup, back to back, same night for one night only. Its not how we planned it, but the universe set it up that way. What turns out to be a rare event, and happens once in so many years, the original date of 3rd of Oct that we had planned for the show in Someplace Else, Park Hotel, turned out to be a Dry Day - for those of you not familiar with the Dry Day concept, its basically an Indian tradition to close the sale of all alcoholic beverages for a day, yes an entire day, in all pubs, hotels, shops and restaurants. 3rd of October is 'Dashmi' the tenth day of the Puja Festival and on account of that, all pubs in Calcutta are we were left with one other option, to combine both the shows - thats is the 4th of Oct 2014 and the 3rd Oct, into one night. And we said yes!! I mean, what the frigiest flying frog!! Its not like our life is not full of action and drama, a little bit more won't hurt anyone!! So yes, two shows, one night, we are so looking forward to this. 

Our International Band Manager, Janesh had this to say  "You guys are nuts!' ...... well, yes and no. We do like nuts, but when the universe lobs it, we smash it......and thats the way we roll, just saying! 

Logistics for pulling this off, are now rolling out on a scale only seen once before in our bands life span, and that was back when we toured India the first time, last year - carried over 180 kgs of equipment and had to deal with a 'demon possessed' mixer and sound system at Strikers Pub in Delhi. Having done this a few times before, the band is quite relaxed and taking it in their strides, although Tolo did express concern about missing his morning breakfast of 'Magaz and Roti' on a Saturday morning........but a little bit of coaxing and the thought of having the original Calcutta Katti Rolls in Calcutta - and not the fake ones served in Karama, convinced him to put his agile body through the 18 hours ordeal that we will surely experience on the 4th of Oct 2014. Well, the stars have aligned and the shows are booked and we are getting the set lists ready, amongst preparing for other shows lined up in Dubai, in the run up to the 4th of Oct 2014. Its all systems go at Core 304. 

Another day at the office! 

....The kind of office we like to go everyday, if we could - The Stage. We all have day jobs, and dont get us wrong, we love our day jobs :) ..... but its something about performing Live on stage, its just so addictive that everything else just seems to melt away, and those 45 minutes of the gig is all that matters. All the preparations, practice sessions, set list discussions, chops and changes, Facebooking, Promoter meetings and interactions and all the free advice from well wishers - it all boils down to those 45 minutes and we love it!

Last Thurdsay night, 21st August 2014, we knew, was going to be a special night - its was our 3rd appearance at the annual Freedom Rocks event, and even days before the show, the mood in the band's practice pad was filled with excitement and positive vibe for this gig. We show cased some of our new cover versions that we have worked hard on through the summer along with a Patriotic Tribute song, which we Core-ified, and the crowed loved it. Freedom Rocks 2014 will go down for Core 304 as one of our better outings on stage - considering we didnt sound check, forget that, we didnt even Line Check - we just went up, plugged in , and Rocked it. The stars aligned for us that night, and we had a time of our lives. The crowd was fantastic, the sound was decent on stage, and after the first two acts had warmed them up nicely, we kept them going and how. Our set list included Led Zepplin, Sting, Scorpions, Eagles, Lenny Kravitz and old Classics that you just cant go wrong with. We were feeling on top of our game, so much so that Santan decided to do an impromptu Split on stage while playing his bass - well it looked like a split, a kind of a split, from the drummers position, and Santan thouroughly enjoyed doing it, like the other band memebers.

The Crowds energy gave us the required momentum and we went through our set list effortlessly, even throwing in a couple of Jive numbers impromptu, unplanned, off the cuff..........simple but effective. We could have played all night, but slightly over an hour and twenty minutes later we made way for an awesome House band who rocked the night away.

A busy next Couple of Months.  

Core is looking at a bunch of gigs in the coming months, including travel plans to India and a gig in Abu Dhabi. In fact, the Core train has started rolling, with its first gig of the season at one of our favourite venues - Al Muntaza Club over at Jebel Ali. This little quaint, almost unknown joint, has the most amazing Manager, who has supported us and live music like no one else in town. With one of the most hospitable staff team, Amira - Bar and Restaurant Manager, is the sweetest person we have met and continues to support our cause and live music. She her self loves and enjoys listening to Live music. On the 8th of August, although not an official date as such, but around this time 3 years ago, we started gigging as a band. We had a name and we had one gig. We celebrated this occasion and marked our 3rd year anniversary with some of our closest supporters, friends, well wishers and associates. We believe that a Band is not just the people on stage performing, but an entire eco system of people who make things happen, from Venue Managers to Roadies and Friends who show up at gigs to support us, and we are ever so grateful to the Universe for blessing us with wonderful people who believe in us and are ever present to assist.

Core 304 travelled to the Capital on the 16th of August (our second gig of the new season) to play at the 2nd edition of the Metronome event, organised by White Cube Studio. Abu Dhabi holds a special place in our hearts. Having played with Indus Creed back in 2012, our first gig in the Capital, Core has travelled to this wonderful city a few times since, and every time we have absolutely loved it. The hospitality extended to us at every venue has been heart warming and the audiences have been wonderful. Our music has been well recieved with many wanting more, and we cannot refuse. Metronome was no exception. The organisers were super sweet and extended all the help needed to kick off the show and keep it going. It was full packed house, in a cozy venue and the sound guys were super exceptional. Simple, yet effective - just the way we like it. We are slated to play a second show at Metronome on the 30th of August and we are so looking forward to it. We even have a little surprise for Abu Dhabi - just our little way of saying Thank you!

Check out our Events tab to follow the different gigs we have signed up for and hope to see you at one of the venues near you.

A whole Lotta gigging goin on! 

After a months customary break during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Core is back on stage and how! With over 8 gigs already booked in the next two months, Core kicked off the new Music season with its own 3 year anniversary gig, where in close friends, fans, asscoiates and well wishers came and spent a fun chilled evening with the band, with some cool live tunes and a jam session with friends on the 8th of August. One of the best evenings we have had in a long time.

Core played its first of two gigs at the Metronome event in Abu Dhabi, courtesy White Cube Studio on the 16th of August (the next gig is on the 30th of August at the Metronome event). The Capital holds a special place in our hearts, having played a few times in the city, the band loves the drive to and from Dubai, the venues and above all the Audience and Metronome was no different. Awesome audience with good organisation meant a very enjoyable evening for us and the crowd seemed to like what we dished out.

Core 304 is also signed up to play at the 2014 Gulf Bike Week - back for a second time after our shows at the Live and Local stage back in 2012 at the Bike week, this time around the band is playing all three days on two stages at this premier biking event in the Gulf. Mark the dates - 30th, 31st Oct and 1st Nov, we will be firing all engines and reving it up to deafining levels...............its time to Rock and Roar.

The Band is also in the midst of planning its tour to India - with two shows booked in Calcutta beginning of Ooctober 2014. There is a lot thats happening in our world, and we will keep you posted as and when new stuff comes through. Do come back and check out our blog for news, updates and happenings in Core's world.


A New Release from Core 304, Faith is a track written and composed by our resident song writer and keyboardist, Lynn. She was inspired to write this track during her visit to 'Home of Faith' , an orphanage located in the city of Bangalore, India. Members of Core 304 and a local Dubai based NGO 'Hands for All' travelled to Bangalore to meet the founder of 'Home of Faith' and the kids that live in the orphanage. After this trip, Lynn decided to release Faith under the Core banner and raise funds for the welfare of the children living in Home of Faith and all proceeds from the sale of this track will go to 'Home of Faith' via the local Dubai Based NGO 'Hands for All'.

Core will be releasing this track Live at the Freedom Jam on 23rd of May 2014 and you can download this track direct from our site through the store tab, by using your paypal account. Incase you wish not to use paypal or dont have a paypal account, you can head to , and in the check out option click on 'Credit Card' and pay directly through your credit card. All proceeds will go towards supporting the children living in Home of Faith Orphanage. 

New Track.......  

......this time we decided to do a cover of an old classic tune - House of the Rising Sun (recorded Live), to give you a feel of what we can do with cover tracks and for those of you who have not experienced a Core Live Show yet, what we do on stage with tracks that are classics that we grew up listening this particular track, look for the Core twist from the 2:12 mark........until then its all nice and mellow. Hope you enjoy this, drop us a line, we love to hear from you. 

Song Writers Post 

With the latest release of the new Track 'Sunshine', Core 304 is heading towards releasing its fifth original track on May 1st 2014. That will make it 5 tracks in the first 5 months of 2014.......To hear the 4 tracks, head on to the Music tab on top. 

In the meanwhile, read below to what Lynn, Writer and Composer of Sunshine, has to say about the creation of her latest track released on the 1st of April 2014. 

New Month, New Track 

As we hit the fourth month of 2014, Core 304 released its 4th track Online. Called 'Sunshine', a reggae track, written and composed by Lynn, Sunshine has a happy steady feel with a story line that will touch your hearts. We will release the song writers take on the song in our next post, in the meanwhile, head on to the 'Core's Music' tab on top and have a listen to 'Sunshine'.......and if you like it, head on to the 'Store' tab and down load the song.

Our next release is due on the 1st of May and the band is busy putting final touches to our next track called 'Reality Bites'. Until our next post, take it easy and enjoy 'Sunshine'.

Voce released in March.  

Our newest release hit the webscape on 8th March 2014. With a Portugese twist to it, here is what Singer Songwriter, Lynn - Keyboardist with the band, has to say about her latest creation: 

Go to Core's Music tab in the menu to listen to Voce.

Two Months, Two Tracks 

We are into the second month of the year and Core has released its second track in Feb. The first track out of Core's was Soulmate, written, arranged and sung by Lynn - performed by Core and released by Tripenator Studio's. In Feb, an instrumental track, composed and arranged by Tolo was released, titled 'Thats What'. 

We are currently busy recording our third track, called 'Voce' ( a Portugese word for 'You') and this is slated to be released on the 1st of March 2014. That will make it  three out of three.....three months three tracks.........and more to come. 

May 2019


Whats Core up to?

We get asked this a lot. So what are you guys upto? Any gigs coming up? What new material have you written?

Its what fans, well wishers, supporters and frankly even we want to know. So apart from actively setting up practice sessions on a weekly basis, working on a master song list of cover songs that we would like to cover - a list that grows with every show, taking inputs from the audience, request slips that we get passed on in shows and quite frankly building on the library of songs that people just love to hear live. This is one thing that Core has been able to deliver and has had its finger on the pulse for a long time. Three years in the making, this list helps us put on great set lists out there, surprising people and pleasing them at the same time. Songs that traditionally are not played in the 'Pub-Circuit', taking cover songs and putting a twist to them has been the hallmark signature of Core 304.

Never wanting to sit still, or rest on the last shows applause, the team at Core is always curious and inquisitive on how to make the next song different. How do we 'Core-ify' the next cover, is the usual banter in the band on most practice sessions. Whether it be the start, breaks in the middle, melodies from old Hindi movies woven into Rock songs or endings that dont sound anything like the original, however fit in there as if they were meant to be - almost like an ending that never was!!.........and building on the response we get for each twist. Some work, some kinda dont work. So its an evolutionary process and like all evolutionary process you live and learn. There is no MBA in Evolutionary Process at Harvard that we could find, so we just live it.....and roll with it, coz its just Rock and Roll, but we like it !!.

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