Another day at the office!

....The kind of office we like to go everyday, if we could - The Stage. We all have day jobs, and dont get us wrong, we love our day jobs :) ..... but its something about performing Live on stage, its just so addictive that everything else just seems to melt away, and those 45 minutes of the gig is all that matters. All the preparations, practice sessions, set list discussions, chops and changes, Facebooking, Promoter meetings and interactions and all the free advice from well wishers - it all boils down to those 45 minutes and we love it!

Last Thurdsay night, 21st August 2014, we knew, was going to be a special night - its was our 3rd appearance at the annual Freedom Rocks event, and even days before the show, the mood in the band's practice pad was filled with excitement and positive vibe for this gig. We show cased some of our new cover versions that we have worked hard on through the summer along with a Patriotic Tribute song, which we Core-ified, and the crowed loved it. Freedom Rocks 2014 will go down for Core 304 as one of our better outings on stage - considering we didnt sound check, forget that, we didnt even Line Check - we just went up, plugged in , and Rocked it. The stars aligned for us that night, and we had a time of our lives. The crowd was fantastic, the sound was decent on stage, and after the first two acts had warmed them up nicely, we kept them going and how. Our set list included Led Zepplin, Sting, Scorpions, Eagles, Lenny Kravitz and old Classics that you just cant go wrong with. We were feeling on top of our game, so much so that Santan decided to do an impromptu Split on stage while playing his bass - well it looked like a split, a kind of a split, from the drummers position, and Santan thouroughly enjoyed doing it, like the other band memebers.

The Crowds energy gave us the required momentum and we went through our set list effortlessly, even throwing in a couple of Jive numbers impromptu, unplanned, off the cuff..........simple but effective. We could have played all night, but slightly over an hour and twenty minutes later we made way for an awesome House band who rocked the night away.

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