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So, Core is headed off to Calcutta, on the 4th of October 2014, to play two shows - in one evening! Yup, back to back, same night for one night only. Its not how we planned it, but the universe set it up that way. What turns out to be a rare event, and happens once in so many years, the original date of 3rd of Oct that we had planned for the show in Someplace Else, Park Hotel, turned out to be a Dry Day - for those of you not familiar with the Dry Day concept, its basically an Indian tradition to close the sale of all alcoholic beverages for a day, yes an entire day, in all pubs, hotels, shops and restaurants. 3rd of October is 'Dashmi' the tenth day of the Puja Festival and on account of that, all pubs in Calcutta are we were left with one other option, to combine both the shows - thats is the 4th of Oct 2014 and the 3rd Oct, into one night. And we said yes!! I mean, what the frigiest flying frog!! Its not like our life is not full of action and drama, a little bit more won't hurt anyone!! So yes, two shows, one night, we are so looking forward to this. 

Our International Band Manager, Janesh had this to say  "You guys are nuts!' ...... well, yes and no. We do like nuts, but when the universe lobs it, we smash it......and thats the way we roll, just saying! 

Logistics for pulling this off, are now rolling out on a scale only seen once before in our bands life span, and that was back when we toured India the first time, last year - carried over 180 kgs of equipment and had to deal with a 'demon possessed' mixer and sound system at Strikers Pub in Delhi. Having done this a few times before, the band is quite relaxed and taking it in their strides, although Tolo did express concern about missing his morning breakfast of 'Magaz and Roti' on a Saturday morning........but a little bit of coaxing and the thought of having the original Calcutta Katti Rolls in Calcutta - and not the fake ones served in Karama, convinced him to put his agile body through the 18 hours ordeal that we will surely experience on the 4th of Oct 2014. Well, the stars have aligned and the shows are booked and we are getting the set lists ready, amongst preparing for other shows lined up in Dubai, in the run up to the 4th of Oct 2014. Its all systems go at Core 304. 

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