Core's first Foray.............

.............onto the Open Mic Stage turned out to be one helluva fun night. The venue was Pier 7, O Cacti - the mexican restaurant - a nice stage set up with a full compliment of sound and light arrangement - and a dozen or so amazingly talented musicians - and of course Core 304. Our good friend and an amazing drummer of many year, Mr. Rajesh Iyer, graced us with his presence and jammed along with Core and other jammers to his hearts content, adding that special touch, only he can.

A big shout out to all who came last night, you guys were awesome - and a huge huge heartfelt thanks to Olga who put the show together and the amazing venue for hosting us. Support for the local musician is on the rise, and this was a clear indication of that fact. We just absolutely loved it and look forward to returning in the near future.

Our next show is the Friday Night Live series, on the 13th of November, and yes its Friday - Friday the thirteenth.............something special is being cooked for this one, watch out for more news on this gig in the coming days. Till then, hang loose, rock your dog or the neighborhood or even better - the whole frigging world!

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