Something that...

.........happens rarely in our lives, a news paper covering a story on us!  

Story on Core 304 in Gulf News

A big shout out and heartfelt thanks to Marwa Hamad, for running a story on us in todays Gulf News Tabloid. Looking back, its not many times you see your picture in the papers, and you go 'Oh Thats me!' - in this case 'us' ............. a story within a story, something we love doing - telling stories through our songs, be it audience favourite covers, or our own original songs, telling a story each time we hit the chords.

We are part of the story telling community and the songs we pick and choose reflect and transcript our story onto the stage that we perform in, and the audience that we connect with relates to the story and sometimes even immerses themselves in it, losing themselves, albiet for a short period of time, forgetting the realities of life that we all deal with on a day to day basis.

We will endeavour to continue our story telling sessions, through our music, our set lists, our shows and this Blog in our website, hoping to connect with many, many like minded folks like yourselves. Until the next time, hang loose, stay cool and keep on rocking the free world!


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