Sound Check..........

..........went smoother than most times.......professional crew on hand made life much simpler, and we were in and out, satisfied with the efforts to get good sound out of the monitors. With some free time in hand (finally), most of us headed out in the 'Core Mobile' to Toronto Downtown to grab some lunch.

The weather by now hadnt changed much and closer to Downtown was actually quite pleasant and less cloudy. A quick bite at Shoeless Joe, and a bit of drive around the Bay, we headed back - and were almost immediately hit with a new plan, submitted by the universe - heavy, heavy showers. Half way back to Mississauga, we got the biggest rain shower we had seen all year - and we mean compared to Dubai was massive. Visibility fell to 5mtrs, traffic slowed down to 40kmph, our hearts sank to 50mtrs below sea level.............this was worrying. Time was 3.30p, we had about an hour and half to showtime, and at this stage, we werent even sure if we could make it back on time, let alone change, stretch, pep talk, feel good, before showtime. There was absolute silence inside the Core Mobile, with prayers and hopes to stop the rain, AQAP (as quickly as possible). The sky was dark, and the rain drops were guitar pick size, and it was pouring strings and sticks (well, cats and dogs!!)............

We managed to roll into our hotel drive way by around 4.15 - the weather kind of had eased up a bit, rain drops were now pin-head size and slowing.........a quick call to the festival director filled us with renewed hope, as she enthusiastically said, ' we are clearing the stage, and the rain will stop at 4.45p' - that was all we needed to know, and in the rush of things no one even questioned how she knew when the rain will stop?!! Anyhoo.........this was not the time to question a busy stressed out Festival Director, who was trying to get the show back on track after a massive rain shower in an open air arena, we all ran in for a quick change, and glance out to the window confirmed her prediction, and we were back at the venue 5p, to see a dry stage, and performances already started..............the sky was lighting up and by the time we settled into the green room...........there was some amount of sunshine peaking through the black clouds. We got introduced to the Mayor of Mississauga, had a photo session, a swig of water and we started to spot a few friends who had started showing up for our set.............most of Core has friends and family living in and around Mississauga, and they turned up in force to support............and that was a swell feeling. A big thank you from our side for taking out time and supporting us. You guys were awesome.

Looking back now, this has to be the moment of reckoning, when we were moments away from playing in a complete foreign land, environment, equipment, sound, stage and an almost foreign and new audience............the collective heartbeat must have been 140bpm.......well, it surely sounded sure did!

More in next...... ta ta!! 


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