Tribute to a Friend, Musician and a Great Guy.......

....... Aldo Rock. A fantastic guy, who gave us some great moments, on and off stage and left behind a great legacy - we pay tribute to him this Friday, at the Aldo Rock Festival - Live at the Music Room, Majestic Hotel, Bur Dubai. 

Aldo was a huge supporter of the Local Music Scene and Musician and was always at hand with words of encouragement, and constructive advise on constant improvement. Be it technique, style, sound, promotion and down right practical advise on the music industry. He helped us with sound on our first ever gig, which got Core started 6 years ago and ever since Aldo stood by us, played with us, jammed with us and today we look back at his legacy with Pride and Joy - and we go Rock the Stage in celebration of his life. 

Come watch 7 other bands along with Core 304, this Friday, July 21st at the Aldo Rock Festival. 

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