Wishing our very own..........

.........Tolentino Fernandes, aka Tolo - Guitarist with Core 304 and a founder member, a very Happy Birthday. 

And on this grand day, we also launch a VLog series called - 'Know Your Core' in short KYC - a collection of short video clips of the band members and their associates, who help us put shows and material together, talking about themselves, the lives they lead, their passions, dreams, aspirations and general ramblings that you would expect musicians and technical folks from the music industry to ramble on! The first video is aptly on the Birthday Boy, Mr. Tolo and you can click on the link below to view it. Leave us your comments on how you like it, what would you like to see on future VLogs and just generally what ever you want to......we love to hear from you. Enjoy! 

Know Your Core - Series One

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