Tolentino a.k.a Tolo

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Tolo : on Lead and Rhythm Guitars plus Vocals.    
With over 25 years of Stage Experience, Tolo is a veteran in the Music Scene. From a varied influence base of Contemprory Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Alternative music, Tolo brings a ton of experience to the team at Core. His calm demeanour affords the band to take on the toughest situations with ease. Tolo belives in letting his music do the talking and delivers a 'Clean' punch on stage every time he gets on. He is a walking, talking encyclopedia in Music and legend has it that he even knows the name of Mick Jaggers second dogs cousins name........(try googling that!!)


Santan a.k.a The Wall

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Santan : on Bass and Lead Vocals
Bassman from Bombay, Santan runs the bass lines for the band along with Lead vocals. A lively personality, Santan infects enthusiasm into the band and takes on tough assignments head on. Never the one to say no to a song, and adding his vast knowledge and experience to the band, Santan is always game for a gig. An Advertising Professional by day, he loves to rock the stage and entertain the crowd by night. 

With a long and illustrious career in music, Santan adds the sting in the band ........... having played in Goa and Mumbai for many years, his transition into the expat life in Dubai and contribution to the bands progress has been strong and smooth. A tough nut to crack, Santan lives life to the full. 


Lynette a.k.a Lynn

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Lynn : on Keyboards and Vocals.  

From an early age, growing up with her Brother - Lynn and Leslie were into Music. She took up Piano classes and has been part of bands since her teens. Now a Corporate Executive by day, a passionate Chef, a mother of two little Rockers and a Rocker herself - rocking the stage with Core, she has embraced her passion for music.

Lynn is a songwriter and music a composer, with most of the current Core songs being her creations. Her kids and the life she leads are the main inspirations to her songs. 

Anurag a.k.a AT

At headshot with name

Anurag : on Drums and Percussions: 


With early influences in Hindustani Classical Music, Anurag started playing Tabla at a young age and switched to Drums in school. Having played in bands in Calcutta and Bangalore, before coming to Dubai, he always had a practice pad ready for musicians to come and jam - the origins of Core 304 comes from this pad. Swiming in  the deep end, Anurag loves the challenge and surrounds himself with gadgets, taking his passion for music, photography and learning new tricks and employing them at a practical level. The past two years he has been dabbling in recording, mixing and mastering, experimenting with Music Producers and like minded 'Sound' engineers to create interesting projects.

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Band banner

Core 304 is made up of four multi-talented, fun-loving, and passionate artists who rock their fans to their favorite tunes.

CORE 304 believes in having fun while doing what it loves. Each of its artists’ passion for what they do on stage and in the stuido comes from their love for music. The common thread that binds them goes beyond their musical talents and extends into the journey of life.



'Core' of Core 304

HOW DID IT ALL START.....................

For over 4 years, Tolo and Anurag - having been introduced by a good friend and now a long time supporter, a fantastic musician himself, Vivian - jammed with many musicians looking for a fit, looking for that chemistry, looking for that spark to start off something that could grow into more than Thursday night jam sessions.

After months and years of Jamming and looking and even a few odd gigs around town, in the summer of 2011, Tolo's friend Santan came along to jam and the roots of Core 304 started to form. Soon after Roland (who is now no longer an active member of the band, but continues to be a big support to the bands cause and helps out in logistics support whenever work allows him) was introduced to the mix. The four discovered quickly that they liked similar music and started to work on cover tracks with a focus of getting on stage and forming a band.

In Sept 2011 they got a gig at a friends Daughters First Birthday party and to tighten the sound and expand the genre reach, Lynn was introduced as the Keyboardist and Female voice to the mix. In its first 'official' gig, on 9th September 2011, Core rocked the house for an hour and got rave reviews from the host and guests alike , and the flight to the future began for this fledgling band and its members. The rest as they say is an ongoing story, that has not stopped since that day. 

Whats in a name?

Keeping a bands name, that it will be recognised by and become known to the world by is like keeping a newborn's name. It will stay for life! Its a daunting task for the people involved and this was no different for Tolo, Anurag, Santan, Roland and Lynn. From the usual round of putting their names together, taking the first alphabet from each name, doing word puzzles after practice sessions, to looking up names on Google and even looking for inspiration from previous bands that each one had been in ........ the naming journey for Core was a tedious one.

Members had their favorites, and there were minor disagreements based on superstitions and ancient alien beliefs that some of us hold. Till date, Anurag holds on to the name he had suggested, which was rejected by everyone, but him - Four Bar Break!! 

After much deliberation, Roland hit on a break through and started to focus on the name of the building and apartment number of the practice pad. The alphabet + numeric option was liked by all, although the building name didn't fit our scheme of things. Further brain storming and few more arguments later, the word Core emerged from the original name of the building. We mulled over the combination of the apartment number 304 and the word Core and it soon dawned upon us that this is a legacy name and will be timeless. It all began in this apartment and no matter where we go with the band, this will always be the place we started off and the word Core had a very solid feel to it.

Core members of the band, Core reason why we got together, being Music - our Core self that we put out there on the stage, and Core 304 started to sink in as the long term band name. We soon realised that Core 304 popped up number one on search engines without the need to Optimise any particular search parameters or pay any big corporation or agency to make sure we popped up first on the search engines. Even the domain name was easily available. It fell in place nicely, although Four Bar Break keeps popping its head once in a while, now and then, but then gets pushed back promptly by Core 304!! 

Our Story so far........

A BIT OF HISTORY...........

From the first gig back in September 2011, with over 100 gigs under its belt - Core 304 has performed in venues across UAE and India. Core has opened for some of the biggest names in the Indian Rock scene, from Indus Creed to Motherjane and Thermal and A Quarter. From its humble beginnings as a cover band, Core 304 is well on its way, composing, writing and releasing original songs (with three singles released in the first three months of 2014), Core's ambitions are simple : produce music from the heart and put it out there for people to enjoy. Take life as it comes and deliver professional, cutting edge, enjoyable, memorable and heart warming performances that leaves the audience with a smile and keeps them wanting more. 

Members of Core 304 pack in  over 50 years of combined Live playing experience. From influences ranging as wide as Eagle, Bob Marley, Nickleback, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Dire Straits, Lenny Kravitz, ABBA and beyond, Core 304 takes you back in time, to the Golden years, with every Live performance. This influence is also ever present in their original work. The bulk of the song writing is done by Lynn, with contribution in arrangement from the entire band. 

2013 was a watershed year.. Core travelled to India three times and did 5 gigs - 3 in New Delhi and 2 in Bangalore. Core got an invitation to play at The Great Indian October Music Festival - an experience the band will not forget in a hurry!!

Being on stage at the legendary Blue Frog in New Delhi and getting to play at the quaint little famous music joint - bFlat, in Bangalore has been the highlight for the band. Travelling together, and playing in different cities has brought the band closer, and the chemistry on stage has gotten stronger. Core continues to build on this strength and is today delivering hard hitting performances across the UAE.