Tolentino a.k.a Tolo

Tolo : on Lead and Rhythm Guitars plus Vocals.    
With over 25 years of Stage Experience, Tolo is a veteran in the Music Scene. From a varied influence base of Contemprory Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Alternative music, Tolo brings a ton of experience to the team at Core. His calm demeanour affords the band to take on the toughest situations with ease. Tolo belives in letting his music do the talking and delivers a 'Clean' punch on stage every time he gets on. He is a walking, talking encyclopedia in Music and legend has it that he even knows the name of Mick Jaggers second dogs cousins name........(try googling that!!)


Santan a.k.a The Wall

Santan : on Bass and Lead Vocals
Bassman from Bombay, Santan runs the bass lines for the band along with Lead vocals. A lively personality, Santan infects enthusiasm into the band and takes on tough assignments head on. Never the one to say no to a song, and adding his vast knowledge and experience to the band, Santan is always game for a gig. An Advertising Professional by day, he loves to rock the stage and entertain the crowd by night. 

With a long and illustrious career in music, Santan adds the sting in the band ........... having played in Goa and Mumbai for many years, his transition into the expat life in Dubai and contribution to the bands progress has been strong and smooth. A tough nut to crack, Santan lives life to the full. 


Lynette a.k.a Lynn

Lynn : on Keyboards and Vocals.  

From an early age, growing up with her Brother - Lynn and Leslie were into Music. She took up Piano classes and has been part of bands since her teens. Now a Corporate Executive by day, a passionate Chef, a mother of two little Rockers and a Rocker herself - rocking the stage with Core, she has embraced her passion for music.

Lynn is a songwriter and music a composer, with most of the current Core songs being her creations. Her kids and the life she leads are the main inspirations to her songs. 

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